RCB Export with Auto Tendons

With the introduction of Automatic Tendons in PTD, fast and accurate checks on post-tensioned slabs can be performed during the prelimnary design stage without leaving RCB. The video in the beginning of this page will demonstrate a floor can be designed using Automatic Tendons and Preliminary Design with Tendons functionality without the need to exit RCB.

RCB allows the user to easily export and run the current floor in SLB or PTD. With just a click of a button, the user can run SLB full analysis, PTD Preliminary Design: with Tendons or PTD Preliminary Design: No Tendons from RCB. The results can be instantly viewed from RCB. In addition to Kcs method, the user can also choose to evaluate slab deflections using Eurocode2 (SLB, PTD) and Age-adjusted Effective Modulus Method (SLB only).

The user can easily export and analyse one floor with a single click of a button. This feature is in addition to the existing Batch Export module. While Batch Export is most useful when multiple floors of the building need to be exported at the same time using the same settings, when only one floor is to be exported, the complexity of the Batch Export form is not needed.