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INDUCTA Revit Software Link

INDUCTA Revit Software Link is now available for Revit 2020. This Link provides a powerful way to exchange data between Revit and INDUCTA software.

Models created in either program can be easily exported, visualized, updated, and opened in the other program. Two software programs from INDUCTA are supported by this Link, RCB and SLB. Older versions also offer support for the legacy software (R/C Building and SLABS).


Version Links Compatible Software
Revit Link 2021 v9.0.0 64bit RCB, SLB
Revit Link 2020 v8.0.0 64bit RCB, SLB
Revit Link 2019 v7.0.0 64bit RCB, SLB
Revit Link 2018 v6.0.0 64bit RCB, SLB
Revit Link 2017 v5.0.3 64bit RCB, SLB
Revit Link 2016 v4.2.3 64bit
64bit (Suite version)
RCB, SLB, R/C Building, SLABS
Revit Link 2015 v3.2.3 64bit
64bit (Suite version)
RCB, SLB, R/C Building, SLABS
Documentation (.chm format)
(unBlock via 'property' window after downloading)