INDUCTA Software Overview

The INDUCTA software suite provides a complete solution for the analysis and design of reinforced and post-tensioned concrete buildings. The aim is to provide powerful analytical tools whilst increasing the efficiency of the entire analysis and design process by automating repetitive calculations and eliminating the need for manual transfer of information between software.

The structural model is created quickly by importing CAD or REVIT files, and RCB is used to model and analyse multi storey buildings in 3D for vertical and lateral loading. Individual floors are batch exported to SLB and PTD to analyse and design reinforced and post-tensioned concrete slabs respectively as well as slab-on-ground. Design checks can be performed on columns using RCC and footings using FTG.

By working closely with the engineering community, INDUCTA has identified processes within the structural analysis, design and detailing process that were slow and cumbersome and has aimed to increase their speed or to fully automate them. The end result is new features such as batch exporting and analysis of floors and column scheduling, and many more, that make the speed of designing concrete buildings with INDUCTA software unmatched.

INDUCTA software features improve the speed of the repetitive, iterative process of structural design by automating procedures that were previously time consuming, so the engineer can spend more time providing an efficient structural solution.