Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy

INDUCTA Pty Ltd ABN 54 609 286 080 ("INDUCTA") takes all due care and diligence to ensure that its software functions as intended on the most current version of Windows operating systems, as outlined in System Requirements. However, due to the nature of computers, it is not possible for INDUCTA to test every combination of hardware and software the end user may have installed that may affect the software. In such a case that the software is not able to function as advertised on a supported system, INDUCTA will attempt to resolve the issue for the end user. If a solution cannot be found within a reasonable timeframe, INDUCTA will issue a full refund.

For a refund to be issued, any hardware that was provided must be returned to INDUCTA and all software, including supporting material, such as user manuals, must be removed from the user's computers.


The delivery of INDUCTA’s software products will be provided electronically and the license validation devices, depending on the license system that is chosen, will be delivered either electronically or via express post.

Privacy Policy

INDUCTA undertakes reasonable measures to protect the privacy of our clients and to ensure the information provided to us by the clients remains confidential. INDUCTA will not pass on or otherwise supply any information about its clients or information provided to INDUCTA by its clients to any third parties outside of our organisation.

These terms and conditions are in addition to the Software License and Maintenance Agreement (SLMA) and Software Support Agreement (SSA).