Version 2 Overview

Version 2 implements a new graphics engine into the software packages RCB, PTD and SLB. Beyond improved visuals, this update will enable faster, more intuitive creation and editing of structural models and faster extraction of results. The new and improved features are listed below. Released on 21st August 2020, this update is free for all users with an active license.

Improved Graphics

New graphical effects when editing geometry, faster extraction of results and multiple views.

Improved Selection

Easier selection of INDUCTA and CAD entities with new icons, mouse trap and selection tools.

New Snap Settings

New snap settings have been added and more than one snap setting can be active at the same time.

Improved CAD and Bitmap Import

Faster importing of CAD and Bitmap and new importing features.

Multiple Views

Multiple views of the same model can be created. Changes made on one view are updated on the others. Different results can be displayed in different views.

Improved Editing of Geometry

All editing tools are faster and plot rubber band lines on screen so show how element will be edited.

Changes to Existing Functionality

The software will function as it did previously except for the following minor changes.

  • Cumulative Selection: is no longer performed by holding [ Shift ] and selecting. It is now performed by holding [ Ctrl ] and selecting.
  • Snapping: Multiple snap settings can be on at the same time. By default both snap to Grid and Snap to Object – Node are on. The [ F2 ] shortcut will cycle through as follows Both > Object > Grid > Both.