INDUCTA software licenses are available via a license subscription fee. The lower upfront cost allows access to a broader range of technology that was previously inaccessible. The pay as you go subscription fee allows for greater flexibility and more value for money from your software investment as you only pay for the software as you need it. The software license expires at the end of the subscription, and the software will cease to function if the license expires.

INDUCTA software license subscriptions are available either as a Cloud License or on a Single Use Dongle.

For information about subscription options please refer to Pricing.

Cloud License

The INDUCTA license is validated in the cloud and requires a constant internet connection. The software can be installed on multiple computers and will run simultaneously on as many computers as there are available licenses.

It provides you with the flexibility to use the license over many computers in multiple sites, and additional seats can be quickly added if the need arises.

No dongles of any sort are required and, as the license validates in the cloud, there is no need to configure the license across the server. Your users also have the flexibility of easily using the software at home or off-site without need to connect to the office network.

A system administrator tool is also provided that allows you to see which license is in use by whom and to release them if necessary.

Single Use Dongle

If the constant internet connection is not a viable option then the license can be made available via the Single Use Dongle.

These dongles are for individual use, so a maximum of one seat per software can be added to the dongle. The software license expiry must be refreshed at least once a month.