INDUCTA Pty Ltd is a leading Australian structural design software company specialising in development of finite element software for the analysis and design of reinforced and post-tensioned concrete buildings. Over the past 20 years INDUCTA has developed widely accepted software packages, which are used by thousands of Australian engineers as an integral part of their daily design.

The main software packages offered by INDUCTA include: RCB, SLB and PTD.

INDUCTA software aims to provide powerful analytical tools whilst increasing the efficiency of the entire analysis and design process by automating repetitive calculations and eliminating the need for manual transfer of information between software. RCB is used to model and analyse multi storey buildings in 3D for vertical and lateral loading. SLB and PTD are used to analyse and design reinforced and post-tensioned concrete slabs respectively as well as slab-on-ground.

The broad range of skills of the development team at INDUCTA, which consists of consulting engineers with experience in structural and civil design, academics specialising in finite element analysis and IT professionals, combine to create a software solution that is powerful and practical. The software utilises the latest in computer technology and incorporates the local Australian design practice. Continued involvement with the engineering community ensures that INDUCTA software is not just an analytical tool, but also an integral part of the analysis, design and detailing process.