RCC Overview

RCC is a tool for the design check of a reinforced concrete section to AS3600. Through a simple user interface columns of rectangular, circular or free shape can be input, and checks for strength, fire, core confinement and shear can be performed with a click of button.

RCC builds on its predecessor R/C Column, which has been used for 15 years by Australia’s consulting engineers, forming an integral part of their daily design, whilst incorporating the local design practices and traditions.

Both orthogonal directions are checked as are both sides of the column. The moment – axial load interaction diagram(s) are automatically calculated, as is the column’s capacity under ultimate and fire loads.

All three tables from the deemed to comply fire checks of AS3600 are performed sequentially. The requirements of each table are checked and separate fire capacities are calculated to return a single pass/fail for the column.

The number of legs and size of closed ties is automatically calculated to meet the detailing requirements of Section 10 of AS3600. The required longitudinal spacing of the ties is then calculated to meet minimum spacing requirements and confinement of the core as applicable.

If required the special confinement zone is plotted on the M-N interaction diagram and the location of the resultant force is checked. If shear load is applied the ties are also designed to the requirements of Section 8, AS3600. All calculations are displayed in a detailed report, and material quantities are also displayed.

RCC is the comprehensive tool for column design checks to AS3600 performing all required checks with the click of a button.


AS 3600 - 2018

Includes the latest version of Australian Standards for design of concrete structures.

One-Click Solve

Quickly check the top and bottom section of the column for strength, fire, shear and core confinement with the click of a button. All inputs and results displayed on one screen.

M-N Interaction Diagram

RCC automatically plots the M-N interaction diagram and shows loading lines and the special confinement zone if applicable.

Detailed Reporting

All calculations are clearly outlined in the detailed report. Quantity of materials is also produced.

Strength Check

Perform a strength check for the top and bottom sections of the column automatically considering slenderness and moment magnification and plotting the M-N curve.

Fire Check

Checks can be performed to the deemed to comply approach of AS 3600, the FRP equation of AS 3600 - 2018 or the 500°C Isotherm Method of EC2 Part 1-2.


Tie Spacing for Shear

Tie spacing is checked against the requirements of AS 3600 section 8 including minimum spacing requirements and traverse tie spacing limits.

Tie Spacing for Core Confinement

Tie spacing is checked to the requirements of section including the minimum spacing and minimum bar size and number of legs to restrain the longitudinal reinforcement.