PanelsPlus Overview

PanelsPlus is a finite element software package for the lifting analysis, design and detailing of precast and tilt-up concrete panels. Panels of any shape can be modelled with standard lifting configurations automatically created by the software.

The panels can be manually drawn or imported from a CAD file. Elevations can be created and the panels quickly labelled.

The software will automatically place edge or face lifters based of standard configurations based on default values. The location will be placed automatically to prevent rotation during lifting.

After the finite element analysis is performed the user can see, with a contour plot, the areas of high stresses and then add extra reinforcement, adjust the reinforcement or add a strong back as required.

With the lifting design and reinforcement input a shop drawing template can be input in the software and set up. Automatically calculated values will be used to fill in the shop drawing. All panels can be batch exported to dxf to create the final panel shop drawing.

PanelsPlus automates the analysis, design and drafting of precast and tilt-up panels. A single license can be used to design and detail up to 60 panels per day!


  • Draw or import panels or any shape with openings
  • Fast CAD import / Export
  • Export shop drawings to PDF
  • Automatically consider two – way action
  • Automatic lifter input (edge or face)
  • Stress contour lines
  • Reinforcement design and detailing
  • Wind load calculator
  • Bracing forces and force in bracing joint shown
  • Shop drawing template editor
  • Batch Export of shop drawings with values automatically calculated

PanelsPlus Training Videos