Automatic Tendons for Preliminary Design

Preliminary Design with Tendons is used to perform fast preliminary design checks on the slab, while also considering tendons. Tendons can be generated automatically by the PTD software, enabling design checks to be performed during the preliminary design stage faster than ever before.

This method of analysis can be used in the early design stages to quickly produce realistic results without the need to painstakingly input and check each individual tendon and its profile. It is more accurate than the old Preliminary Design: No Tendons, as losses, varying P/A, varying uplift and slab restraint are all considered. The results can be extracted much faster than a full Detailed Design, as the strict tendon profile checks of the detailed design do not cause the analysis to stop.

When used in combination with RCB's export features, accurate post-tensioned slab checks with tendons can be performed without leaving RCB.

The usage of Preliminary Design With Tendons and Automatic Tendons features in combination with RCB export is illustrated in the video on top of this page.