Batch Export & Analysis

RCB introduces Batch Export and Analysis feature to allow the user to export and run the analysis over several floors in SLB and/or PTD simultaneously, without needing to export floor-by-floor. The concept is explained in the video above.

In order to design slabs and beams each floor must be exported from RCB to SLB (reinforced concrete design) or PTD (post-tensioned concrete design). RCB uses the gross section properties (Ig) in the analysis and SLB and PTD use cracked section properties (Icr), taking long term behaviours of the slab and beam into account. Batch Export and Analysis feature in RCB automates the export process to allow the user to quickly send several floors to SLB or PTD at once for further analysis.

The user can then view SLB and PTD deflection results for each level in RCB. Geometry, loading, material properties and the mesh are all being transferred with each file, which eliminates the need to 'clean up' the exported files. The exported files can also be opened in SLB and PTD for detailed analysis and editing and imported back into the RCB model. Typically, the user would use Batch Export and Analysis from RCB to examine the slab behaviour and confirm the slab thicknesses, then finalise the design of each level in SLB or PTD.

Note: the user needs to have valid SLB / PTD licenses in order to run the Batch Export and Analysis Feature.