Column Scheduling

Column Scheduling is a new feature in RCB, allowing the users to design all columns in the building with the click of a button. The column design can then be rationalised using design groups to create the final column schedule within RCB.

The calculations performed in RCB are identical to those in INDUCTA reinforced column design software RCC. The user is able to control the column design parameters both globally and for individual columns.

The user is able to automatically label columns by vertical alignment in RCB and view all results for all columns in a single table arranged by these labels. As a first pass, each column will be designed individually (see example below).

Based on these results the user can then create design groups both vertically and / or horizontally on the same levels. The worst case design is then used or the user inputs reinforcement to be used for that design group. This process is then repeated until the design is rationalised to the point that the final column schedule has been created. The user will also be able to view the column safety factors as a colour scale on the schedule and see a quantity report based off their inputs or the final design.

The previous process that involved printing out reactions per floor and manually grouping them together or exporting out reactions to excel and designing in another spreadsheet is no longer needed. This long manual process is now automated. For medium sized buildings, a process that could have taken over a week to complete will be able to be done in less than a day. Detailed reports showing all calculations are available per column if needed for verification. Individual column designs can be exported into RCC for verification or to give the user more direct control over the column design. The final column schedule can be easily exported to Excel or AutoCAD.