Floor Vibrations

Response Factor Analysis

Response Factor is used to determine performance of the slab in response to Forced Vibration. Response Factor refers to a ratio of Root Mean Square (RMS) acceleration value to a specific baseline value.

SLB allows to calculate Response Factor for each finite element node. This is done for all nodes shown in the current view using the new Response Factor solver (see image below).

For each node, the Forced Vibration response is evaluated based on the input parameters specified in the form above, then RMS acceleration is calculated and compared to the user defined baseline value. This allows to produce a RF value for every node:

The user has a choice of several time history patterns to be used to evaluate the Response Factors for the slab:

  • Abs(Sin)
  • Sin
  • Walking
  • Low Impact Aerobics
  • High Impact Aerobics
  • Normal Jumping

A wide choice of time history patterns will help the user to be able to evaluate slab performance for a range of specific applications. More in-depth information about Forced Vibrations and Response Factor calculations is available in the software manual.