Automated Reports

RCB, SLB and PTD feature improved, automated, reports. All reports that are produced by the software can be created in PDF, Word, Excel or Text formats.

The software offers detailed reports for specific output based on the selection made by the user from the Reports Tab on the Main Task Ribbon. All report types can be generated either as individual reports created on the go, or as part of a Master Report, which combines any number of user-specified reports into a single comprehensive document.

A screenshot manager has been added to the software to allow any of the software's graphical outputs to saved and added to the report.

Report types include:

[ RCB ]

  • Structure Summary
  • Gravity Load Summary
  • Thickness/Pressure Report
  • Horizontal Displacement
  • Frequencies
  • Reactions by Static Analysis
  • Reactions by Area Method
  • Preferred Column Sizes

[ SLB ]

  • Input Data
  • Load Summary
  • Static Reactions
  • Area Reactions
  • Thickness / Pressure
  • Reinforcement Quantity
  • Ast Zone Report
  • Log File

[ PTD ]

  • Input Data
  • Load Summary
  • Static Reactions
  • Steel Rates
  • Thickness / Pressure
  • Tendon Losses
  • Tendon Ast
  • Tendon Layers
  • Tendon Extensions
  • Tendon Clashing
  • Duct Profiles