Punching Shear Check and Design

Punching Shear Check and Design Module allows the users to automatically calculate the critical shear perimeter, check punching shear and design any extra steel if needed. The Punching Shear Check and Design can be performed for all columns and blade walls in the model, or for individual elements. In RCB, the check can also be performed for all elements on a floor.

The Punching Shear check implemented in INDUCTA Software follows the general procedure of Section 9.3 - Strength of Slabs in Shear in AS 3600-2018. The punching shear check is performed for rectangular, complex and circular columns. For each column, the Punching Shear is checked for the top and bottom, considering the slab below or above the column as required. If a column fails in punching shear, INDUCTA software will perform design of additional closed ties.

Example Punching Shear design output, showing a column's Critical Shear Perimeter and Torsion Strips.

Punching Shear perimeters and design results.