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R/C Building is a comprehensive analysis and design software package that combines detailed results and powerful analytical tools with fast modelling, importing and a user friendly interface.


An R/C Building model can be created and analysed in a matter of days for larger complex jobs or within hours for simpler jobs. This gives the engineer more time to analyse the detailed set of results produced by the software and to modify the design as required.

News and Updates


New feature: Liveload reduction.



AS/NZS 1170.2-2011 AMDT No. 3 added.



Axial Shortening of Walls & Columns due to shrinkage, creep and elastic effects.



R/C Building videos for information and training uploaded to YouTube.



New solver for large models and increased speed.



4-step 3D complete Spectral Analysis Procedure


R/C Building


“..found RC building extremely user friendly, both for modeling and exporting the various structural elements to the bolt on design programs….. 3D models also are pretty impressive for presentations… step by step model building / analysis / results process simplifies design, and also editing / altering design”


Danny Cully, Costin Roe Consulting


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