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Frame3D is a fully supported general purpose frame analysis software. It can be used to model and analyse 2D and 3D frames and trusses made of line-beam elements.  The software is based on Matrix Analysis of Structure and incorporates a state-of-the-art graphical editor, which allows a real 3D modeling. 

The user interface is a fully functional CAD-like interactive graphical editor, comparable with any contemporary CAD package, which incorporates the latest computer technology.

News and Updates


Frame3D v1.0 is officially released.





  • Real 3D graphical editor
  • Linear static analysis of 2D and 3D frames
  • Truss structures 2D and 3D
  • CAD-like editing with object snap
  • Results: moment, shear, axial load and reactions
  • Deformed shape
  • Solid view
  • 3D DXF/DWG import